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Samsung Model 7 Severe Backlight Bleeding

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Hello Samsung users ! I have recently purchased a 65'' Series 7 Model NU7092. I was very happy with the tv, the colors were bright and everything was working fine, until night time came around and i noticed big bright lights in the corners of  the screen. These lights affected the black areas of the screen when watching a movie severely, but were present also during brighter scenes, noticeable even during the day and visibile even with the backlight set even to 4 or 5. I personnaly found them very distracting and sent the tv back to Samsung Romania, in hopes of getting a panel replacement or a new tv, but found that the official statement of the romanian branch of Samsung refused to replace my tv, saying that what I was seeing on the screen was normal. I am writing here, for all users to see and give their opinion if wether this is a good functioning display or not, and I hope that someone from Samsung will also respond if they consider the romanian branch of their company is doing their job correctly and if their assestment is correct or not. I look forward to your opinions and an oficial response from Samsung. I have attached photos of the TV.65186355_333836527509445_4931274023821639680_n.jpg65667339_329118057993137_3537274793709535232_n.jpg65966860_506045620191627_3668196353353187328_n.jpg

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