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Samsung MU7000 Audio Auto-Switching (Bluetooth / ARC)

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I recently purchased the UE49MU7000 and a Sonos Beam.  The Sonos Beam connects using HDMI ARC (and CEC / Anynet+).  I have also paired some bluetooth headphones to the TV.


The problem I am having is that whenever I select to output the audio to my bluetooth headphones, within about 5 seconds the audio returns to the  Sonos Beam.  This happens every time.  If I go and disable Anynet+ I no longer have this problem.  However I don't want to disable Anynet+ as I use the Beam to control the TV.


Q1 - Is this a bug or is there a way to stop the audio from automatically switching back to the Beam?  I don't know if this is linked to the auto-hdmi source input switching for video content but I am on the latest firmware version and cannot see any options to disable auto-detect hdmi


Q2 - On a separate note, is it possible to rename the ARC input from "Receiver(HDMI)"?  The TV recognises the input source as 'Sonos Beam' but for the audio it uses the generic label.


Many thanks in advance

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I have that exact same problem with my brand new Samsung Q9FN and the Sonos Beam .... can’t set the audio output to any different source. The TV always switches back to the Beam. Not TV speakers or Bluetooth output possible. 


Hope somebody at Samsung cares as this is their top of the range TV and a really annoying problem. 

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I am having the exact same issue Q9 - please someone must know how to fix it!

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Just bought the Sonos Beam yesterday and I have the same issue with my Q8FN. Every time I switch to TV speaker output it returns to HDMI output (Sonos Beam) after 5 seconds. Is there a way to stop this from automatically happening? I don't want sound to come out of my Sonos Beam permanently.
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I have the exact same problem. I have a SAMSUNG 7 Series. I connected a Sonos Beam to it via HDMI ARC, and previously pairs the TV with a Bose QC 2 via Bluetooth. As usual, I would tune on my QC 2, and TV pops up asking me if I want to connect the discovered Bluetooth device. I would confirm. But after about 5 seconds, TV switches back to HDMI. 


Engineers at SAMSUNG, could you please fix this one? You must at least create a Jira for it?



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Same problem with Samsung the Frame 2018.

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Same issue with sonos beam and samsung frame
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