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Samsung LCD TV picture colour issue

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I have a Samsung TV LE32A336J1D and the colour in the picture has got some major issues; when I turn the TV on, the colour is ok, then approximately 5 minutes later the white and black colours become inverted and the brightness is alsmost transparent.


I emailed the CEO of Samsung and the response I received was "Pay for it to get fixed" which is pretty disgusting considering the amount of money I pay on Samsung products. 


I have noticed around several forums that people are suggesting to update firmware (on Smart TVs) or to reset the TV by holding Exit. As I don't have a Smart TV these options don't work, however, if anyone has a workaround or any ideas how to stop this from happening, please do share!


I have tested the picture on a DVD player, Xbox console, and changed the HDMI cables - it's defintely an issue with the TV.

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @georgieperu.


Pressing and holding down the exit key, should allow you to do a factory reset of the TV. You'll need to do this for several seconds.

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