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Samsung LA40A650A not auto tuning to visible channels

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Hi I am trying to tune a Samsung LA40A650A which was give to a charity that I work with by Four Seasons (a hotel chain) Hotel mode is off but I am ubnable to tune it or get any sound out of it. Can you help as getting this tv operable will assist many people in need. I have taken it out of Hotel Mode and ensured its not in retail mode.

I can get sound if I use an Apple box and the tv appears to find channels but these are not viewable. The Coax antenna works with my other TV which is an LG OLED.

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Darrich.


From the main menu, have you selected the Plug & Play otion when tuning the TV in?

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Hi Chris

yes I did this and it was the same result as when I auto tuned it does not tune into any of the channels available on free to air

i have been told that there is a special remote for TVs that originate from hotels and that I need this to tune the tv in properly are you aware of this at all? Thanks

ChrisM Moderator

Try this @Darrich:


Press 'Mute119' then 'Channel'. This should allow you to tune the TV in.


Let us know how you get on.

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Hi Chris thanks have done that and it’s not in either hotel or retail mode

i even found the Service Menu Info/Menu/Mute - I noted here that Advanced Settings is Greyed out so. It sure what that means - any idea on question re needing original hotel remote?

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