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Samsung KS8000 able to use 3TB or 4TB HDD?



Hi all,


Currently I am using an external powered 2TB HDD, however as this drive is nearly 6 years old would like to replace it.


It seems easier said than done to find a proper 2TB external powered drive and often 3TB or 4TB are almost cheaper. Is it possible to use a 3TB HDD without issues? Or am I limited to only 2TB?


In addition, I noticed that my 2TB USB3.0 7200rpm drive has less hickups than my other 2TB USB3.0 5400rpm drive. Is rpm also important? Most new drive seem to be 5400rpm.


My model number is UE49KS8000T (bought in Spain)


Many thanks!

TracyR Moderator

Hi @Robertjan88


There isn't a maximum but the TV can support at least 2TB. 

However, we can't guarantee the functionality of the HDD if it is too high in capacity.


The RPM is 5400.



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