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Samsung KS7000/8000 & Standard PS4 Set Up

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Hi guys,

I've been tearing my hair out with this for weeks. I've got the Samsung KS7000 and recently I decided to take retrieve my PS4 (standard and not the Pro version) from the dusty cupboard it had been residing in for the past year and hook it up. Should be easy right? How wrong could I be...

Just kept getting "No Signal" messages every time I connected it. Tried a different HDMI port on the One Connect box, same outcome. Updated the TV firmware, same outcome. So I took it to a friend's house and connected it and lo and behold, it worked! Read online that you need to disable HDCP in system settings (which doesn't exactly fix the root cause but I just wanted it to work!) so I did that, took it home and it worked. Fantastic! 

However, tried to play a DVD yesterday and it wouldn't play without enabling HDCP! So stupid me enabled it again in system settings and as you've probably guessed, we're back to square 1. No Signal! I've tried every solution I can think of. I'm using the Sky HDMI cable that came with my Sky digital box (normal Sky, not Sky Q), tried an alternative HDMI cable, enabled HDCP for all ports in the settings menu on my Samsung TV, I've done everything and I'm really at my wits end as to why this doesn't seem to work. Anyone who has (or ideally HAD) this same issue that can offer some sage advice? Does anyone think it's because of the HDMI cable? I even bought a new one yesterday (Belkin, HDMI verified, 4k etc) and it still doesn't work. Arghhhh!!

Welcome all bits of advice, thank you!

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My TV has handshake  issues where the screen will black out for a few seconds every now and then ,I presume it is a similar issue every Samsung I have owned has done this some times when I start up I have to change the source between YouTube and live then go to the playstation channel or the screen will remain black forever ,from what I have read it is a common handshake issue


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Also I have only been able to use the cable supplied with the console
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