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Samsung JU6400 - Soundbar - No sound

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I have a now old Samsung JU6400, and just bought a Soundbar Blitzwolf SDB1.

I connected both using a HDMI, in the respective HDMI ARC slots.

However i can't get any sound.


What did i tried:

1. Two diferrent HDMI cables (don't know if they must have specific characteristics).

2. Option for Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) is ON

3. If i go to sound output i have 3 options:

a. TV Sound

b.  Bluetooth

c.  Optical Audio option

Only a option worked, but with sound from the TV.


I can't see anything else i can do here.

Can you support?


AndrewL Moderator
@colemauro: Can you try pressing the source button on the soundbar itself so it is set to HDMI, then going to Settings > Sound > Speaker Settings > Speaker Select, and select your soundbar if it is visible in the list of options. If not, are you able to attempt a Bluetooth or optical connection to see if the issue persists?
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