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Samsung Hub and App errors plus failing to update

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I have a TV model UE32K5500 and a wired internet connection.


Yesterday, most of my Smart Hub Apps stopped working, and evertime I selected them I got an error message saying "Please wait a moment and try again". This included iplayer, All4, 5 on demand, youtube, ITV Hub and Google Play Movies. Amazon Prime video and the web browser continued to work for some reason and I had full internet connection. It is not something I use, but my remote has a button labelled EXTRA and when I clicked that previously a pop up came up about news and twitter, that also stopped working.


I am using software version 1240 and have confirmed this is the most up to date. I tried on and off for my TV and modem with no joy. I tried resetting the Smart Hub and also resetting the whole TV but again with no joy.


I called Samsung help, who talked me through a remote network to allow them to reset all my apps using a help menu that appeared that they but not I could normally access. This removed all my apps from Smart Hub, and they confirmed it would work once they all reinstalled but then had to go.


I have then spent a day waiting for the apps to reinstall. Whenever I click on them to try and select them I just get the message that Smart Hub is being updated and please try again later (with the exception of Amazon Prime Video which works...). When I select the blue app button it takes me to the screen where I can select apps - on the My Apps section of this, I see the same c.12 apps appear in black, have a white clock fill to 100 before they disapear, but once all c.12 have dissapeared they repear again as black and clock goes to 100 etc., and this cycle has repeated continuously all day.


When I press the EXTRA button on my remote, it still returns the original error message saying please try again later


I called Samsung help again, who said since they had tried resetting things before, there was nothing else they could do, and they believe that because my internet connection is 5MB/s I should not be able to make use of the smart hub anyway, since this requires a minimum of 10MB/s. I queried why it had been working for 2 years previously but they could not answer this and suggested I spoke to my ISP to upgrade my service.


Any suggestions appreciated before I splash out on a new expensive internet contract!



ChrisM Moderator

Hi @meles 


Somethings obviously not quite right here. Could you go to Home > Settings > Support > Terms & Policy > Make sure all the required options have been ticked.


Has this helped at all? If not, try the Smart Hub reset again and once complete, leave for half an hour before testing again.


To do the Smart Hub reset go to Home > Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset Smart Hub.

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Hi Chris


sorry for delay in following this up, I have been away on holiday.


I have tried doing as you suggest but unfortunately it is still not working and saying smart hub updating still.


any suggestions appreciated




CarlH Moderator

Hi @meles. Hope you've enjoyed your holiday! Looking at all the other steps you'#ve taken, it might be best if you contact our Product Specialists on 03307 267 864 and request a Remote Management session. They'll be able to access your TV and see if there is anythi9ng that has been overlooked. 

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