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Samsung HW-m460 soundbar

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Hello all,


  Yesterday I went into Curry looking to buy the k450 sound bar but found the above mentioned m460.  It was on sale for £350 ish.   After speaking to sales staff they then offered it to me for £230.  The sub seem more substantial than the 450 and slightly more watts (320 v 300).


I have it set up and seem ok, however I thought I would google the modle just to see what trhe best setting are but I can't seem to kind much about it.  Googl eonly bring up currys.  It's not even advertised on the samsung website.


Curry advertise it as New model.


Any one know much about the M460.  One thing I can say the Base is good.




Hey @bob70932.

If you definitely do have the HW-M460 then you can check out all the info on this by clicking here. :manvery-happy:

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