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Samsung HG28ED690AB 28 HD Ready SMART Hospitality LED TV Limited Apps

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I'm trying to add apps to my Samsung HG28ED690AB 28 HD Ready SMART Hospitality LED TV. I've reviewed the other forums and was able to add a couple of basic apps like Plex, Spotify and YouTube using the hidden menu. 


However, the app store available only has 10 apps available none of which are netflix, hulu, or other major video apps.  


Is this the limitaition of a hospitality TV? The app seleciton on the app tv will be limited? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.. 

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Superuser I

Hi @airgonz, Know a little while since you posted but have some advice.  Hospitality TV's are more  designed for hotel industry and so may be the case that Apps more limited and Hotel's direct revenue  services may at at times be more of a priority , however changing market with customers increasingly subscribed to On Demand services.  There was similar thread which may provide some assistance though seems you can have gone through codes to add additional services , have you gone through the Stand Alone Setting?


Some general advice on Hotel Set ups     I was in a  large Uk hotel myself recently (one of the better ones   and whilst they had a  reasonable selection of channels certainly noticed the limitations compared to my own set up.

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