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Samsung HD UE55ES8000 HDMI issue

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Hi all, New to forums.


I wondered if anybody could tell me a probably cause or solution to my problem. Am experiencing problems with TV with HDMI ports. They seem to connect for seconds then video feed begins to blink & I can't seem to detect the problem. I've tried different sources, DVD player etc but it's torture. I've done a reset on menu. Is this a hardware problem or software/firmware.



Maybe a silly question but have you tried more than one cable and is this all hdmi ports?
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Hi MagicB,

Yes all hdmi ports whats strange is it gets the signal fine then struggles to display it and blinks. Haven't tried another HDMI cables but happens with both hdmi cables from skybox & dvdplayer. Not sure if its software related or not as am frequently checking for updates or its actually the mainboard/internals. WIll try a few different things and see I suppose

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Hi, This could be a cable problem. Cheap old HDMI cables dont support HD, you need to make sure you have a decent one that complies with "High Speed + Internet". Its worth a try. Regards Mick
Sounds very much like a connectivity problem with the HDMI cable or connectors or port.
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İ have the same problem and I tried so many HDMİ cable all same. Feel like a get the hammer smash down that piece of sh..... 

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I know mate, mine still doesn't work. I've contacted support and they are as much use as a chocolate fireguard and all they can offer me is a repair centre. Think am gonna get Xmas out the way then new TV I think :(

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