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Samsung 7 series problem


Hi, I bought a 2019 55inch curved tv 2 weeks ago, been perfect until tonight, I arrived home from work to turn tv on via remote and nothing happened, the stand by light was on and flashed when I pressed the power on button on the remote, but would not put power into the tv it's self, I changed the batteries in the remote but the same problem occurred, I then tried unplugging the tv for 10minutes but the same issue when plugged back in, I then tested the power outlet as I am an electrician and that tested ok, I checked the forums and help centres and followed all procedures but nothing, I then tried holding the power button doing for 10seconds on the remote and the standby light went off and a glow appears from the screen, I then try to access the menus but nothing, the screen just displays nothing, can you advise anything else I can try before I go the rigmarole of trying to get a swap or refund from supplier? Many thanks

CarloL Moderator

Hey @Rossefs! You've gone through quite some troubleshooting steps already. I would recommend getting in touch with Samsung AudioVisual team next, to speak with a TV support specialist. They can be reached on this number: 0333 000 0333.

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