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Samsung 65UE6400 No sound playing through hi fi speakers

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I have connected QED optical digital interconnector to the Optical Output socket on my 65UE6400 Samsung TV and to a Musical Fidelity X24 digital analogue convertor (bought in 1999). I have then connected the DAC via very good quality analogue interconnectors (came with Cyrus CD player) to a Rega Brio amplifier. The TV settings offers me a choice of TV speaker or digital optical - I selected the latter. I also have a choice between PCM or Dolby Digital - I selected PCM. I am getting no sound at all through hi-fi speakers. Hi - Fi in all other respects (CD player and turntable) works fine.  My local hi fi shop says you need to ask Samsung to turn on the digital signal?  Is there anything else in settings I should do as I am very frustrated?

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