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Samsung 50" UN50NU6900 Auto Program and other settings greyed out.

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I purchased the tv this past August and everything was fine but little by little i noticed that some of the channels were no longer available while watching tv with a regular Air Antenna. I decided to "auto program" the tv to see if i would get some of the channels back and the option is greyed out...actally the entire "Broadcasting" section is greyed out along with a few other options. I updated to the current firmware and still nothing. I tried to "Reset" the tv but that option is also greyed out. Does anybody have an idea on what i can do to fix this problem? 


Model: UN50NU6900FXZA

Current Firmware: 1251

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I'm having this same exact problem.

CarlH Moderator

Hi. Do you have any external devices connected to your TV? 

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Yes, a soundbar.

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