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Samsung 4k TV Audio Cutting Out

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I bought a brand new Samsung 4k UHD TV (Model: UE40NU7120) from Argos about 4 days ago and i'm having an issue with the sound cutting out. This issue occurs both over HDMI and when i connected my hitachi sound bar via digital optical cable (I have now disconnected the soundbar and I am using the TV speakers). After about 45 mins to 1 hour the sound just cuts out. The strange thing is when the sound cuts out the tv remote also stops working with the exception of the power button. I have to hold the power button on the remote for around 5 seconds which will turn the tv off and when i turn it back on the sound is back but after 45 mins the sound cuts out again. I've tried every fix available on the internet, i've done multiple factory resets, changed the sound options, i've done everything yet it is still happening. Posting on here is my last resort before taking the tv back for a refund. Can any body help? 


I have the exact same problem with the same model of tv,this is actually the second television this is happening on as the first one I had bought had to be returned and I received another dud.I rang up samsung support 3 times and they did a reset off the hdmi ports all to avail.It seems the last thing samsung want to do is admit the tv needs to be repaired which it should be.This will put me off ever buying a Samsung product ever again.

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You pretty much summed it up. It seem there are various faults with a variety of Samsung TV's. Don't think Samsung are going to ever admit it which means it'll never be fixed. I'm not going to bother ringing Samsung, i'm just going to take it back for a refund and spend a bit more on another brand. Don't mind spending a little extra if I get a working TV at the end of it.

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