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Samsung. 4K. Stuck! Help.

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First post. Go easy.

I have a Samsung UE48HU7500. Never really explored it's features until now (i know, i know).

I subscribe to Netflix UltraHD and Amazon Prime...and access those apps through the SmartHub.

Problem is, i don't think it's streaming 4K content in 4k. e.g. when i'm watching The Grand Tour or House of Cards it still says 1080i when I press the info button.

I spoke with Samsung today and, after 40 torrid minutes, they said that in order to enjoy 4K then i need to get a dedicated 4K source (like Amazon Fire, BluRay or SkyQ). They also said that the Netflix and Amazon apps within Smarthub won't play in 4k.

Why? Confused.

I then spoke with a independent shop who advised me to get Samsung's One Connect Box (SEK-3500) to get it all working properly.

The TV is linked to a Sony STR DN850 receiver via HDMI. I've tried using 4 slots on the TV to no avail. I have 25mb download speed so that isn't the issue either.

If anybody can shed any light i'd be very grateful!

Thanks for getting this far...


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Netflix 4K looks okay on my UE49KS7000 but it came with the separate connector box. Only the proprietary Samsung cable is connected to the TV.

I have a Samsung KS7500 4K TV and it plays Grand Tour on Amazon prime in glorious 4K. Also the YouTube app will play 4K content quite happily.

A friend of mine has the exact same TV but can't stream 4K at all. The only difference between us is that I have fibre broadband and he doesn't. I wasn't able to measure his speed but he lives in an urban area which has a decent broadband speed by all accounts.

Maybe there's an issue with how your TV connects to the internet or router.
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I have a 55 inch HU7500 which is ok with Netflix 4K. Check your internet speed using the Netflix app. It may be this is bellow the requirement for Netflix 4K. If it is anything like mine then this speed will be well bellow what your incoming internet speed is.

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