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Samsung 43 NU7100 Smart UHD TV - External Speaker Volume is very low

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Hi All,

Last week i bought "Samsung 43" NU7100 Smart UHD TV" overall picture quality is very good but sound quality is not good as i was expecting so decided to connect external speaker.


I found "Digital Audio Out (optical)" instead of simple 3.5mm jack, then i had to purchase DAC Digital to Analog Audio Converter in order to connect my external speakers to enhanced sound quality. (and also change LED sound Settings as suggested on different webapages)


After connecting and done needful sound setting changes  now i am able to listen sound but sound volume is very low, i meant built-in speaker sound is better than external, why???


then i go to sound diagnose option suddently sound goes louder as it should be. but while playing movies from external drive and watch tv so its sound very low, why?


what should i do now? please advice. Seconldy does this model support bluetooth speak?


Best Regards

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