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SAMSUNG - UE55KU6470 light bleed accetable?

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Hi guys,


I recently purchased a SAMSUNG - UE55KU6470 and I've noticed quite a bit of light bleed at the bottom.


I've been generally pleased with the picture quality but the bleeding across the bottom of my screen, particularly on the bottom left, is always noticable in darker scenes (even with the backlight is set at 4) . I've attached some pics so you can see, but they don't quite do justice.


I know for edge-lit TVs you should expect a degree of light bleed but this seems pretty bright and distracts during dark scenes because the bottom left is like a flashlight (even with the backlight turned down.)


I'm still within my return period, so just wanted to get some thoughts from people in the know to see if this is normal.




Do these show during a Picture Test@MarcCrosby?


If so, we'd recommend getting it looked at by one of our engineers. 

You can arrange this by finding your nearest Repair Centre here and contacting them using the details provided. 


If they don't appear during the test then let us know and we can go through some troubleshooting.


looks exactly the same on my 49KU6400.


Thats the reason for buying the 7 series, i have one of those too, it looks perfect there.


But yes, the KU6 series has some of the worst light bleed i have seen so far. Sad.

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