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SAMSUNG UE22K5000 Black screen intermittently

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SAMSUNG UE22K5000 is my model,its the basic 22 inch with no bells or whistles and I have the same issue a few days ago the screen would go blank, and I would still have sound, a slight tap to the top edge or side leading edges would bring it back to life.........


Ive tried checking the cables, replacing the aerial coax cable and also a reset ie going to service reset and entering 0000


But nothing has helped and the annoying problem persists , Its a basic freevierw built in with nothing connected , 

other info might assist I use the USB connection from time to time, ive changed the power socket as im using an external tower extension. checked every connectgion for dust and cleaned appropiately The tv itself is freetasnding on my desk using the supplied and approved TV stand.


Purchased 02 october 2016 from New

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Firegunner2010.


Are you still having this same issue or have you managed to find a solution?

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Issue still remains Im afraid, althought I dont know whats going on as it seems to have slowed in the frequency its happeneing, but I wont hold my breath; the entire of yesterday it didnt do it not once!

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