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Ring Pro Doorbell displaying on my Samsung QLED

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Hi all,


I own the Ring Pro Doorbell and a Samsung QE55Q7FAM


I was reading this article below with interest with the intention of displaying the doorbell video when some rings the bell:


So I have installed the "SmartThings" app on my iPhone and have added both the TV and the Ring Pro successfully.


However I'm stuck on the "Enabling 'Motion Detection' and 'Doorbell activation' to view on your Samsung smart TV" section of the article. In-particular Step 3 of that section - "To see these on your TV, you will need to open the SmartThings app on your TV, then enableRingand/orMotion". The problem is I don't have a SmartThings app on my TV, neither is it there to install when I search the app store. Is this because my TV isn't new enough??!! (I bought it in the summer of 2018).




DannyT Moderator
Hi there, @JonHeath1980.

We've just had a look at the TV in our office. And it does seem to be available for us. Could you check that your TV is completely up to date?


 Welcome to the Community! :smileyhappy:

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Thanks for the reply. Yes my TV is up to date. I updated the firmware 1270.3 via USB (as the auto update insisted there was no update even though I was on 1262). 


What version of TV do you have in the office? The same as mine?




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Bump. Hi @DannyT

Still in the same situation on this one. No sign of Smartthings app on my TV, nor can I find it to install?
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