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I have a 32" smart TV - UE32F4500AW which has worked well until now and had no problem connecting to the router. Since changing the router password I can no longer connect to the Internet by either ethernet or wifi as the TV refuses to find either of them. How can I solve this or must I do a factory reset?

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Poyz.


Let's try a network connection test first. Go to Menu > Network > Network Status. Does the TV pick up your WiFi?

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Sorry for the delay - I sent the reply to the wrong address!

Thank you for your reply. Yes, it does recognise my network and when I go on to connect, it says it is connected but in reality it isn't. I have tried all sorts of things including a soft reset, a wired connection, the trick, but nothing seems to change it. Although it says it's connected, neither my set top box nor the webrowser in the Smart Hub will connect. It's really difficult as there seems to be no answer to 'It's connected, when it isn't'. Should I attempt a full factory reset? If so, how do I do it?


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