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Removing legs/stand from 55" KS7000

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Hello All,


I am planing on wall mounting my TV and cannot find instructions on how to remove the legs/stand from the TV.


Can anybody advise on how this is done? The TV I have is as per the below link:


Thank you.

AndrewL Moderator
@bbp1986: For information on how to wall mount the TV please check the user manual via the link below.

Regarding the legs/stand for the TV, the manual references assembly instructions that were included with the TV. If you don't have access to the instructions then I presume all you would need is a screwdriver to remove the legs. If you require further clarification then call the Samsung AV Team on 0330 726 7864 where an advisor will be able to assist you further.
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Thank you for the response.


I have the manual as per the link you have sent which I have reviewed, however there is no information on how to remove the legs, only how to install them. 


From recollection, I had to push them in until I heard a click, and there are no screws. I do not want to tug at them and cause more damage! I will call the helpline to ask for instructions...

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I called the helpline. They were of no use as they just have access to the manuals which only have instructions on how to install the legs. They have referred me to a local service centre. The service centre do not provide technical support, and are proposing to charge me £50 to come and remove them for me! I am not willing to pay £50 for something as trivial as removing the legs. I cannot believe that removing the legs can be that complicated and am having no luck finding answer!!! Extremely frustrating is an uderstatement...Surely I am not the only one who has experienced this?!


First I have had the struggles with Samsung of not being able to source a One Connect cable which is lover than 2m and compatible with my TV, and now no one knows how to remove the legs!!! Argh!

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