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Removing Region Selection Samsung Smart TV

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This has been annoying me since I bought my Samsung Q9F.  Just made the changes you suggest and will see what happens.  Fingers crossed I won't so irritated next time I switch my TV on.  It's been a shame because the tv is absolutely fantastic as good a picture as any OLED.  I even enjoy the adverts now

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I have tried to follow your advice but the broadcasting option is greyed out and therefore not available .

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Hi, so as it’s not greyed out you need to have the set receiving a Terrestrial TV channel via the internal tuner.



I changed the time to check for updates to midnight and kept the auto standby tune in and so far so good..

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Had just read your msg and having same I've taken your advice and turned off my 2hour standby which was on I'm sure it will do the trick.ta muchly !!

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