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This TV+ is truly annoying. This ***** was not there when I bought the TV but they have installed this via updates later. We must be able to sue Samsung for installation of unwanted malware making their own customers frustrated and utilsiuti the internet connection bandwidth without our consent. This is a privacy violation. Also, for the amount of unwanted stress that it created for no reason, this can be sued under the UK law.


This is the last time. I would never buy a single thing from Samsung!

Superuser I
Superuser I

Hi @Chathura,  You cannot delete Tv Plus but should be able to edit channel list  to stop trailers playing.  More info on this app Thread


To remove from MU7000 4K UHD TV  go to the app tile (not where it says TV Plus in the source, but the icon in the menu with your other apps). Select channels, select all the channels, and delete all channels in the list. It is tricky, but you can select all channels at once by going to the top of the channel list. Once you have deleted all the channels, you select the tile again hold down the enter button on your remote. You will then be able to delete the app. Good riddance.

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