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Remote - Fire TV

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Hi, just bought a 55NU8000 and love it.  Picture is great, the set-up was super simple.  The remote set-up to control the Fire TV 4 was quick & ez.  98% fo the Fire TV functions are controlled by the remote.  It's almost perfect. 


Missing the home button for Fire TV.  Wondering if any of the unused buttons on the remote - the 4 color buttons (don't know the correct terminology for those) can be programmed to be the Fire TV home button.  The remote home button takes you to the tv home screen and does not work as home while watching the Fire TV.


I can use the back button within Fire TV to get to home but some apps (ex Pandora, Youtube) do not provide an 'exit app' prompt and therefore cannot exit the app via the back button. 


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Did you ever figure this out.  I am in a similar pickle

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No, not yet.

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Thanks.  If I figure it out I will post it here

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