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Remote Control Registers Twice

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I have a new UE65KS8000 set and it is exhibiting a weird behaviour where button-presses on the remote control are sometimes registered twice! For example, if I press mute it will mute then instantly un-mute again. If I press up/down on a menu it jumps two places etc. etc. 


I think this must be a firmware issue, as I have had two of these sets and BOTH exhibited this behaviour (the first had another fault and was returned). 


Has anyone else noticed this? Does anyone have any info?


Thanks in advance!

KellyM Moderator

Hey @chrisgrant2001,


That sounds rather odd! Can you provide the current software version? Go to: Settings > Support > Contact Samsung. 


Which remote control are you experiencing this problem with? Have you tried resetting the TV? Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset. 

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Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the reset doesn't do anything. 


The software version is J-TZMDEUS-1169.2 , BT - S. 


However I have found out the following information:


I have a Samsung soundbar HW-K651 paired via Bluetooth with the TV. I turned this off and the problem with the TV went away. Further diagnosis has led me to understand the following: If the soundbar is set to BT POWER ON, which means the soundbar turns ON and OFF with the TV, this issue persists until I turn the soundbar off and back on again manually. When the soundbar is set to BT POWER OFF, which means it only turns off with the TV and needs turning on manually, the problem isn't experienced. So it seems to be an issue that only occurs when the soundbar turns on automatically with the TV. I would like to have the soundbar turn on automatically. Could the soundbar be faulty? It would surprise me as it's the TV that's behaving weirdly, which still leads me to suspect there's some sort of firmware issue.


Please advise!


Many thanks,



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