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How can I change the region settings of my qe q7c? (smart remote) 

ChrisM Moderator

We're not fully sure what you mean, @Puccifer. Could you give us a little more info please?

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Hi again,
I bought my TV in Germany, but I am from Norway. In the country list I can't choose Norway. The reason for asking is that I'd like to download Norwegian apps.

Best regards!
AndrewL Moderator
Hi @Puccifer

As far as a I am aware you are only able to change the language options on Samsung TVs but cannot change the region. Your best bet would be to perform a factory data reset by going to Home > Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Factory Reset, as this will return the TV to its default settings and present any available language/region options during the setup stage.
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As far as I can see online there's a possibility to open all regions on older models. The question is simply if anyone knows the "how to"

Any news on this? 

I am experiencing the same issue (q7fn purchased in Germany, used in Luxembourg, but I want Polish apps) and it freaks me out... 

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