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Recording to a smart TV with twin LNB Inputs and tuners.


Bought a UE55MU7070 TV.  It has twin LNB inputs and tuners.  When recording we can't watch a second channel.  Contacted Samsung Support absolutely hopeless.  Edwin didn't seem to know the difference between a single digital input or a twin digital input TV.  He cut me off midway through the correspondence.  Second problem Iv'e had with the TV and both times the Support was useless. The first time it was a vertical thin white line on the right hand side of the screen, still there!  They said it wasn't a fault with the TV.  How can it be anything else, when all that is on is the TV.

Does anyone have any idea on how to fix either or both of these problems.




Think we got the same response from Samsung Support.  Had the same problem with my last Samsung TV, regarding a vertical white line on the right hand side of the screen.   Got absolutely nowhere with them. Said it wasn't the TV, told them, it was all that was on and they cut me off.  Ended up giving the TV away.  The new one doesn't have the white line, but still has problems.

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I haven't mu7000 I can record and watch a different channel I only have one Freesat connection to my TV. it was set up by a local TV engineer and when he set it up he then went to Broadcasting and he for aerial and dish Freesat aerial connection type dual. I do not have an aerial connection for Freeview.
It's worth giving this a try on the settings good luck.


Thanks for the info!  Unfortunately my NU8000 doesn't seem to have dual LNB selection, in the broadcast menu settings.  It has an LNB power on/off option.  Think it's to disable the LNB, if you are using Freeview?   Got to comment on how useless the Samsung guide and help line are!  

A really great TV in every other way.  Don't want to switch to another brand.  If one of the others has a Freesat tuner, when it's time to change.  The lack of support may be a deciding factor.

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