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Recording onto HD

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Hi - I want to be able to record programmes from my TV but not to have to buy a set top box at the moment. Am I able to record straight to a hard disk and if so

A) what type of HD do I use

B)how do I format it to be compatible with the TV

C) Will the TV record and save the programmes in order and show some form of title/description as you get on a set top box.


How can I do this without as I said using a set top box at this point of time. Any help appreciated


Thanks for the question! :smileyhappy:


What model TV do you have, Benjak?

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Hi JessL


Samsung UE40KU6400


I also tried a 4Gig memory stick formated NTFS as well and that was not recognised either.



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We'd always recommend an externally powered HDD, with a minimum 32GB memory and 5400RPM spin speed. If you're using a self-powered drive (one that gets the power from the USB connection to the TV), then we'd recommend using the USB cable supplied as longer USB cables (and extensions) can impair the performance.


For formatting the drive,  K Range TV’s  support both FAT32 and NTFS drives.



And a bit on HDD usage: just connect the drive and press the Record key on the remote; the TV will then carry out a performance check of the device to ensure it meets the minimum Read/Write speeds after which it will be available for Live Pause, Timeshift, Recording and Timer Recording. Recorded programmes are displayed with title and thumbnail images.




Hope this helps! :smileyhappy:


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Thanks for reply - it was useful but I put a Corsair 2gb stick in and it was recognised and I recorded a programme onto it.


I did the same with a 5gb stick by PNY but the tv would not recognise it.


Both were formatted NTFS  and totally clean and both work elsewhere.  Why would it not work with the TV do you think??


I also connected a Wester Digital HD 500GB 7200 rpm NTFS format but this was not recognised by the TV.


I tried it both with getting the power from the TV and with using its own power at 12V as the unit requires.


The length of the cable  was 100cm and again works with my computer under windows 7


What could be wrong.  Could it be the TV itself??




Could you Private message me, Benjak? We'd like to arrange a callback for you with our experts. 


Alternatively, you can call our AV Specialists on 0330 SAMSUNG (726 7864.)



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Hi JessL


If you wish to call me, the number you could use is 

My name is David


I intend to return the set to the suppliers tomorrow so if you could call me sometime today (Tuesday) I would be grateful.


Kind regards

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Hello to everybody.

I have the same problem with a smart TV of the 6500 series.

I was told that recording on a USB HD is available only starting from 7000 series.

Is this right?

I can read the content of my HD (with 7200 rpm and 200 GB) but I cannot record on it.

Thank you



Some Smart TV's will record onto external hard drives and save the programmes in a schedule that you can view from the TV.  The one I've got (UE40KU6400) does not give as comprehensive capabilities as my dedicated recording machine (ie. not editing), it's just a basic list.

Whether you can do this will depend upon what TV you've bought and you can find out all you need to know from the e-manual.  However I don't think much of the one on the TV as you can't search it.  It's better to download the e-manual in PDF format from the Samsung website and search that instead.  The hard drive I've get is the Freecom Desktop Drive Sq (1tb) Hard Drive Usb 3.0 (external), but check first that this is compatable with your TV.

Hi I have a 32j6300 which records to USB drive. I also have the latest 65KS9500 which will not do scheduled recordings which Samsung have not been able to sort out
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