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Recording off a Samsung smart tv


You’d have thought such capabilities where built in from the start would you not?

i know I did.

ive tried attaching a usb stick to the every port on the back of the tv and every port on the smart hub, and still no option to record anything.


i was hoping somebody would have developed a risen app for screen recording by now, but risen has been dead since it started so that’s another story.


hope you get it to work, and if you do, let us know how


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On my Q70R the only quick ways to record I have found are:


1. to pause live tv using the pause button on the remote then there is a record button bottom right of the screen.


2. if your tv features bixby then just press the microphone button and tell tv to record.


i do find it a bit incredulous that Samsung don't put a record button on the remotes ! Do any of the Samsung designers actually use their products !

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