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RU7400 series, can't connect to 5Ghz WiFi

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I have a UE55RU7400U and I cannot connect it to my 5Ghz WiFi, I read that everyone have this issue, is there any kind of fix or what?


asking for info on amazon, manufacturer answer: we suggest to connect to 2.4Ghz cause the internal module is certified for that frequency

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Mine doesn't see it either. Having returned the storage-less Nu7400 for this one, it's a bit annoying. Be nice to think there will be a software fix. I'm not holding my breath though.

Customer service just say "yes it supports 5ghz". Great! 

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I have a Samsung NU7100 and have tried to connect it to the 5g network but no luck.  It keeps dropping the signal when I am watching a tv show or movie on the Samsung network but I never have that problem when watch Google Fiber or my Fire TV Stick.  I know Google Fiber does not have the strongest WiFi signal but everything else we have works on WiFi without dropping the signal.  I prefer to watch Netflix and other apps on the Samsung network because the picture and sound is awesome and better than fiber or the Fire Stick but it is so frustrating to have it keep dropping and having to reset or even just turn the tv off and on sometimes works.  I have found the best times to watch are late at night or during the week during the day which is not always ideal but there there are fewer people using the 2.4g network.

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Hi, go into your router WiFi settings and check what channel the 5ghz is on.  I had the same problem with the ms650 soundbar.  Try selecting a lower channel and then try to connect. 

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