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QLED TV Samsung QE55Q7FAM suddenly cannot connect to wifi internet anymore

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Hello, I have Samsung QLED TV bought in February 2018. It’s used for over a year now to watch Netflix, Youtube, etc. via Wifi.


Since this month I get error(s) stating that the tv cannot connect to the wifi router (error code 105) or I get the error that the tv cannot connect to the wifi router and the router is not connected to the external network. (no error code is given for this)


I know it is not correct, because I see my wifi network, and my smartphone, apple tv and PS4 are working fine with the wifi.  The tv sees the network as well, it just won’t connect...


 So I suspect the TV or its smart hub to be the problem.  I try to do troubleshooting by turning devices on/off (tv, smart hub, wifi router). I did self scan of the tv (but this results in the not connect to internet error). I run wifi speed test, and download/upload speed are OK. I called my internet network provider and they confirm nothing seems wrong with my provide network (note: I did change provider last January 2019)


So I m lost what to do;  and need help

  • How do I trouble shoot what te cause of the problem is? Is it the hardware?
  • How can I resolve this in best way myself?


TV model code: QE55Q7FAM 

Smart hub:  One connect model code SOC1000M

Software: T-KTMDEUC-1262.0, BT-S


Thank you for your help, much appriciated



You could check out this link:


There is still no fix, and its a well known issue. My Q6FN has a similar problem.

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My q6fn has similar issues.   I called cable provider and they did a router reset and everything is working peeferftly.   

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Thanks for the tip. Will try that too. In the meanwhile we watch with a wire

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