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QLED Q55Q6FAM screen problem

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1505D657-C2E1-4527-A7AF-A6B012049770.jpegExample of light bar on 1/8 of screen

Been having this issue with our TV so far seems to be v noticeable on certain sources like Netflix, Plex or anything from catchup tv (virgin) but comes and goes (mostly it's there) and it also flickers! 


Set is just over a 18montha old and company we purchased from has gone under so their extended warranty isn't worth the paper it's printed on!


Has anyone had and solved similar or possibly able to offer a fix?

worth mentioning that we use one connect??


many thanks

CarloL Moderator

Hey @Barry-K! Is the issue you are referring to the Blue shadow on the left of the TV screen? If so, please run a Picture Test: Press the Menu button > Support > Self Diagnosis > Picture test > Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Picture Test. The image should be clear and free from any distortion. Is the image clear or still distorted? 

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Thanks @CarloL, I have tried this, the picture is fine, however, the flickering remains constant after the test completes.


The image was probably slightly misleading, taken on an iPhone so the auto contrast doesn't represent it very well.


The flickering isn't blue but a much lighter flickering of whatever is showing...

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