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QLED 2019 QE55Q80R Purple Tint in all borders



Just got the QE55Q80R and it show a purple tint in all borders !
Seems not everyone see it but me definitively can.. 

Anyone having some ideas what it is... is it a deffect ?
Any others having had the same issue ?

Thanks for your help


@Mr-EBE: I can see what you mean, although the issue seems to be more pronounced in this mode. If you go to Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Picture Test and check the beach scene image, are you still able to see the light bleed?

Hello and thank you for the answer.


Thank you for confirming the phenomenon..

Answer ; Yes, overall sometime it is more  pronounced.. sometime less.. (at least it seems.)


@Mr-EBE: Do you get any 'Fail' or 'Error' messages during the picture test? The beach scene seems to be pretty clear without any visible bleed, however if you're concerned then I'd recommend contacting an authorised Samsung Support Centre to arrange an engineers inspection. To find your nearest one please check the following link, select 'TV&AV > Television' and enter your post code.
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Hi Mr EBE,

My Q90R had the same issues on all 4 borders. Purple, blue tint. It is good visible on white, yellow or light grey pictures.  I had hard discussions with my tv dealer and with the Samsung Support. After Posting some pictures,  the support offered me an repair. But my dealer checked some other Q90R in his shops and noticed the same problem on every single model. At the end he explained me, that it could be a general construction fault of the actual 2019 Premium Qleds. Thats why he didn't provide me with a second Q90R. I decided not to try a repair from Samsung and returned the TV to the dealer instead. I think, i will wait for the next generation in 2020  and hope that Samsung is able to produce his premium range  without such stupid flaws, because the rest of the Q90R is really good!


Hi Pingelin,


Thank you a lot for your answer. What a disappointing situation! Returning it will cost me 20% of the price ! 

I will have to do it anyway but I'll writte reviews to inform as many people as possible ! 


Again thank you

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Hi Mr-EBE,

for me this was also absolutely unexpected, as our 65Q90R was our fourth Samsung LED in row and no earlier
model has had such tinted borders. First I was skeptical about the bad news from my TV dealer but after checking the Q90R and Q80R in his showroom especially regarding the borders I had to confirm his opinion.
But there was a little difference between both models. The Q90R showed more harder borders and the Q80R
softer and wider borders, which vary depending on the viewing angle. I’m not from the technical side but I think,
the problem has something to do with the Direct Full Array Panel in connection with the new Anti-reflection Layer.


If you want to reproduce the tinted borders use the b/w test pictures of the TV or activate the Ambient Mode with the Gallery feature and switch off the 3D Shadow Border Function. Then you can see the problem very clear.

Btw I have found only one source which stated the border problem in his product tests. On the test page of the Q90R from you can read concerning the gray uniformity: “When the TV is displaying gray content, like older black and white movies, some people might notice a slight blue tint at the edges.”
Unfortunately the purple/blue tint on our TV was visible along the full borders and also under nearly all viewing conditions.


Anyhow the result is completely inacceptable in my eyes, especially for a high priced premium TV range from Samsung.


In your case I would try a repair from Samsung. Maybe they can improve the situation a bit with a new panel.
To be honest, I would not give too much hope for a perfect solution. That’s why I returned the device and will wait for the next years generation. 


I will add some photos of our Q90R:Samsung65Q90R_Border1.jpgSamsung65Q90R_Border2.jpgSamsung65Q90R_Border3.jpgSamsung65Q90R_Border7.jpgSamsung65Q90R_Border8.jpgSamsung65Q90R_Border9.jpg


Thank your for your answer and all the inputs !! 


I returned the TV (loosing 20% of the price !) and will never buy again any Samsung product! (And I've already bought a tablette from a competitor instead of the Samsung product I thought of in first instance..)


As for you, I think this story is completely unacceptable and, to me, unforgetable !! And I'm also really upset about all the reviewers.. 


We should write as many posts as possible to inform people..


Thank you again and best regards 

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