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QE55Q8C Setup Help

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Hi all, Samsung newby onboard!

Have just got my first Samsung smart tv QE55Q8C and am struggling with the blindingly obvious.


I have connected a Humax DTR 2000 YouView box (which has a terrestrial aerial input) into HDMI 1 on the smart hub.

The TV immediately recognised this and I am able to fully control & watch the YouView box no problem.

......... however the Icon menu banner and name on the TV screen is calling this input "FreeSat".


I have gone in and edited the icon "name" and it accepts the change, but then when I back out of editing the menu banner immediately reverts back to calling it "FreeSat".

.........which might not have been too bad, but I am already using a satellite input directly into the Samsung Q8 TV tuner to watch, yes you guessed it "FreeSat".


It has to be obvious?




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