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QE55Q7FNA with LG blu-Ray - menu opens different HDMI

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Have had the TV for a number of weeks - all working fine (primarily using Apple TV box). Added a LG 4K Blu-Ray this weekend and now seeing some strange behaviour. 


LG BR player - HDMI1

Apple TV box - HDMI2


When I am watching Apple TV I press the back button on the smart remote, or the menu button on the Apple TV remote it jumps back and opens the HDMI1 input (nothing is playing, player is off). Stranger still, I have pulled the HDMI cable out of HDMI1 anticipating that the player was sending some rogue signal through - yet even without any HDMI cable in the TV the back/menu button continues to try to open that input.   


This is not happening with the TVs inbuilt apps. 


Any ideas? 

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