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QE55Q6FNA 4K UHD issue on Amazon Prime

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I'm having an issue with Amazon Prime 4K UHD items showing correctly on my TV. 

Initially I was watching the football and it was showing really dull and a kind of faded yellow then I noticed that anything via the Amazon Prime App on UHD is the same. Has anyone else experienced this?

I have also noticed that when you put the TV into HDR+ mode it also goes a yellow kind of colour.

I was wondering if it was the whole TV but there are no issues whatoever watching 4K on Youtube,indeed it looks amazing.So I was just wondering if anyone else was aware of an issue?

Samsung on twitter have suggested it must be an Amazon problem but I gave up trying to explaing to an Amazon representitive the problem just now as they weren't getting what I was saying.

Thanks in advance.

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