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Q9fn55 issue on pixel (?)

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Hi there, 


I hope someone can help me, I'm not sure if this is an issue or actually it is a normal TV behavior. 


If you see the attached pictures, I'm watching a move in 4k, directly on Netflix app on the TV, so it looks like a bit weird, I can kinda see the pixel of the image instead of having an uniform colour.




Has anyone experienced the same? 

It is more visible on background images rather then in front. 


Thanks in advance.



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Obviously the photos are taken with the phone, I'm not talking about the distortion you see due to the phone, in the first image check the corner up left, in the second one just next to the electricity post. I literally can see the pixel keep like moving
ChrisM Moderator

We're struggling a little bit to see this we're afraid, @Darro88. Is this happening on all sources/programmes or was it just noticeable on this paticular movie?

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Hi mate, thanks for your reply. 

I tried also using Netflix on the Nvidia shield and I got the same.


I'm struggling to understand if the issue is related the the image quality of this particular movie (even tmif in 4k) or more general. 


It is like I can see the pixel changing colours. 



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If u see the first image up left corner u see that it is like pixeled instead of an uniform colour
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