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Q9FN - clicking sound from one connect after closing

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I've seen that after I'm closing from the remote the Q9FN I can hear after 1-2 minutes 2x clicking sounds from the one connect box. After that 3-5 minutes later another, and last, 1x clicking sound.


Sometimes, not always as seen when closing the TV, the same sound can be hear when opening the TV (only one sound).


Here is an example, only the 2x clicking noises can be heard and it starts from second 13:


Does someone else experience this behaviour? Is it a known one? 


Thank you!

Not this TV but I was experiencing the clicking. I think I was my beta dash on my xbox though. Butit has not come back after about a week of annoying me
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A TV with one Connect and only when shutting it down? Also with what model you experienced the behaviour?


Hi did you ever get this sorted?

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Hallo have you fixen The probleem?

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