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Q9FN and Sky Q Dolby Digital audio delay


I've just replaced my F8000 with a Q9FN.  I use Sky Q and any Dolby Digital (DD) signal (HDMI or optical) to the Q9FN results in an audio delay issue that I am unable to correct within the menu of either the Sky box or the TV.

The issue is that DD audio already has an audio delay, even with 0ms of delay on both the Sky box and TV - but the audio delay correction setting is only positive, not negative.  The audio is correctly identified by the Q9FN as DD.


Setting the Sky Q output to 'Normal' gives correctly synced video/audio through the Q9FN.

Passing Sky Q Normal or DD direct to my Sonos Beam gives correctly sync'd video/audio.  Leaving this in place is not an option for me as I connect other devices to the Q9FN and rely on their audio being passed to the Sonos from the TV.


Suggestions gratefully received from now till mid-Feb 2019 when the 100 day return window closes.






I’ve now connected my PS4 Pro up to the Q9FN and it’s similarly affected with a default, pronounced audio delay.

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I'm tearng my hair out with lip sync issues on my q9fn. The sound is delayed behind the picture, almost like there's a 20-50ms delay out of the box, even with the setting at 0!



I resolved this by using a Portta optical switch unit.


I've taken optical connections from the Sky Q box, TV and PS4 Pro, with the output going into the Sonos Beam.  This bypasses the shonky audio processing on the Q9FN.  The Portta comes with a remote control but I have integrated it into my Harmony system, so when 'Watch TV' is triggered from the harmony remote or Alexa:

1. Turns on the TV and sets it to HDMI 1

2. Turns on the Sky Q box

3. Sets the Portta to '1' (the port the Sky optical is connected to)

And so on for the other inputs...with the HDMIs all still terminating on the Q9FN for video.


I can still tell that the underlying issue is still there as if the Portta doesn't switch ports for some reason, audio will be picked up via the Q9FN from the Sky Q HDMI and is still ridiculously delayed.


Good luck!

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