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Q9FN One Connect Dolby Atmos/ eARC? HDMI Issues?

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@Jungleweed wrote:

I have the 65" Q9FN and HW-Q70R. I attached the Xbox One X directly to the soundbar and in the settings set the Xbox to Dolby Atmos output and 4k 60 fps with HDR10. I have the apps (Netflix, Stan, Prime). I haven't tested them all yet but Netflix will output Dolby Atmos with HDR10 video. As for the Netflix app on the TV, it will also show up as Dolby digital or Dolby digital + or Atmos but only when available from the content, otherwise it will be greyed out. Other content sources switch between PCM and Bitstream Dolby Digital as available such as free to air TV and videos from my Synology DiskStation via the DS Video app. I was initally annoyed I couldn't get the Xbox to pass through Atmos through the TV because it wouldn't let me select Dolby anything in the settings but now I've realized this way works very well anyway. The soundbar turns on when the TV turns on and when I select the Xbox app (added over the soundbar output with ARC) the soundbar switches from ARC to HDMI automatically and displays the Xbox, and I can also seamlessley go back to normal TV or the in-built apps. The only difference is a couple second delay bringing up video from the Xbox because the soundbar needs to switch modes and you can't control the volume using the TV remote when using the Xbox and have to use the soundbar remote. Because the Xbox plays blu-ray discs, has pretty much every app and even streams from my NAS this is pretty much ideal for me - I don't need to connect other devices directly to the soundbar and the TV switches to it seamlessly anyway. The Q9 even has an Apple TV app so it's not like I'd need to switch HDMI in on the soundbar with an Apple TV. Even if I had a set-top box though like for Sky... the Xbox has HDMI in on itself... so I imagine Atmos could find its way through passthrough on the Xbox. 


Long story short, if you use the in-built TV apps and have an Xbox connected through the soundbar and the soundbar connected with ARC to the TV, you should be able to enjoy all the Atmos content you have access to  relatively painlessly. 

hey, first of all thanks for the share I have exactly the same set up you have!
Does it means you plugged XBOX One s in HDMI regular port from soundbar (HDMI 1 or 2), then soundbar linked to TV via HDMI arc, then you downloaded the Xbox app on your TV, and when you launch it it automatically selects the soundbar HDMI port where the XBOX is plugged ?

Not great , kinda putting me off the Q900r as I have a full blown Atmos set up?
No really a Oled killer close but no Oled , the lack of Dolby Vision is also a pain
Do you not connect all your gear to the AVR HDMIs ?

Q9FN don't have eARC 

sooo  How you have something that is not an option on screen  ?

like eARC  ?


Hello friend I had the same problem but yesterday I bought an Xbox One X but you can buy Xbox One S it is cheaper and I solved all these problems with dolby atmos and DTS X thing that Samsung should deal with with a proper update, now I can watch Netflix Amazon prime with good sound quality just like on YouTube and more



What you write You have a device for inserting the Netflix Amazon prime signal 

and transfer it to the receiver and from there to the TV?

So you didn't solve anything.




Was just wondering if the One Connect Box does not support eARC can Samsung not provide you me which supports eARC. 

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