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Q9F Dirty Screen Effect

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I just returned a 2018 65" Q9F because it had terrible Dirty Screen Effect (DSE)  I researched TVs long and hard before choosing the Q9FN over the LG C8.  Needless to say I'm extremely disappointed in the DSE on the Q9F9.  After I noticed it, Iran dirty screen effect test in 4k off YouTube.  The results were extremely disappointing. Thus I returned it.  has anyone else experienced significant Dirty Screen Effect with their 2018 Q9F9?  


Yup, terrible on mine too. Samsung quality control is appalling. Last Samsung product I ever buy. 


I have the Q70R and have DSE on the panel.  Replaced the unit - it was slightly better but not totally gone.


I suspect this is in the design somewhere. I cannot keep taking panels back to John Lewis so now trying to live with the issue. 


I am pretty stunned though.

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