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Q90R No Signal from Windows 10 PC with Input Signal Plus Enabled

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Hi All,


I'm having some fun and  games with my Q90R having connected it up to my Windows 10 desktop PC (via NVIDIA 1080GTX HDMI 2.0 port). I'm currently trying to get HDR working from the PC on this screen at any resolution 1080p 30Hz/60Hz, 4K 60Hz, but there seems to be what I can only describe as some sort of handshake type issue between the TV and the PC because as soon as I enable "Input Signal Plus" on the HDMI port at the TV, the TV loses signal and my primary monitor flickers continously as it detects the TV and then drops connection. This problem also persists whilst using only the Samsung Q90R too. As soon as "Input Signal Plus" is turned off, it all works just fine, only I cannot enable HDR at all. It works flawlessly at 4k 60Hz, 1080P 120Hz but this is baffling m.


I've tried a variety of short HDMI 2.0 cables which I know work from my PS4 Pro and XBOX One X (1.5m - 2m length), and have tried using all of the HDMI ports from the One Connect box, but the problem persists. I do have a HW-Q70R soundbar also connected to the One Connect box with ARC enabled, and will look at eliminating that shortly.

If anyone else has had a similar problem and found a way to get HDR working via Input Signal Plus without the Windows PC having a total head-fit and found a solution they could share, I'd be most appreciative. I've had a search on the forum and spent a couple hours on google but didn't turn up a whole lot.


Kind regards.

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Hey @IIGrayFoxII! The best thing to do on this would be getting in touch with the Samsung AudioVisual team.  You can contact them on this number: 0333 000 0333 .

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I'm having this exact same issue

Same here, Q90R connected to a Asus 2070 Super Dual Evo... Connection gets lost in windows when enabling input signal plus, it works during post. Windows resolution is set to 4k 60Hz.
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Just some additional feedback for others also experiencing this same problem. I spent about 3 hours on the phone with Samsung tech support who ran a full suite of tests on my TV and found no particualr issues with it. Their technical knowledge was somewhat disappointing, but I suppose not unreasonable for a typical call centre setup and their tests were reasonable. I was able to rule the PC out as a problem as it connects to my Sony and Panasonic TV sets in full 4K HDR glory without any issue what so ever.


I also took it upon myself to buy a variety of HDMI 2.1 (48 Gbps) cables which also made no difference to this problem. I have however managed to find myself a less than ideal workaround in the meantime by usinig a usb-c to hdmi 2.0b adapter which at least now enables me to send a 4k 60Hz with HDR signal to the TV set whilst Input Signal Plus is enabled.

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Thanks for the info, Sadly my graphics card does not have USB C. At least it's good to know it's in the TV. I have been back and forth on this forum and Nividia with no luck.

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Id like to add my name to the same issue. My tv is the RU8000. Have tried with a gtx 980 and recently a 5700 xt. The AMD card handshakes slightly better, but still loses connection. When i first encountered the problem samsung send a technitian and we discovered the input signal plus problem and i was ok with no hdr. Now i want hdr its bothering me again.

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HDR on PC's is very tempramental and depends on the game supporting it too. What version of Windows are you all running? Are the games using Direct X12 too? 

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It should be able to display desktop in HDR just as my regular HDR monitor, aparently this is just something this TV does with NVIDIA cards from what I have read from others with this issue.

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Windows 10, latest version. All drivers up to date. As i said with my post have tried both nvidia and amd cards with the same issue. Its 100% the "input signal plus" setting as it works with that turned off (just no hdr). But when its on, the tv and pc struggle to handshake and the connection drops in and out every few seconds until it decides it wont work at all.

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