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Q900R with xbox one issues


Hello, Im having trouble with a new game console (xbox one x) there's no sound and I can't get it to display 4k on the Q900R. Tried all the HDMI ports,  adjusting settings on the TV/ console and removed everything else plugged into the one connect box but nothing is working...Could this be because of this connect box, with the standard hdmi 2.0 I'm reading issues about? The xbox is 2.1 as standard I believe.

I've seen Samsung is apparently giving Q series customers free one connect box upgrades in the future,  I've seen in discussions. 


Note-It works perfectly with the PS4.


Has anyone else experienced issues like this, on this TV with a console?


Thanks in advance


Superuser II
Superuser II

Hi @John037

the xbox is well compatible with the hdmi 2.0 standard that you have with this case.
So if it does not persist with the ps4 so it confirms that there is no problem on the box.
For me it's better to contact xbox for that because they have the same specifications




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