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Q7FN screen issue / horizontal white line & red dot

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Hi guys!


I have an 55” Q7FN sincs September, I’ve been pretty happy with it. 


However just today, I’ve noticed an approximately 15-20 cm long horizontal white line ending with a red dot near to the upper left corner on the screen. 


Doing a really quick test, it seems to appear when the screen should be dark (black or gray) however if I check the test picutre in the settings (which is really bright at that segment of the screen) it doesnt seem to be visible. 


I have checked with various sources (Netflix app, TV, XBOX) and if the background is dark, it is visible despite the source. 


Could you please advise? 






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After setting up this topic, I’ve also noticed the following white dot in the middle towars the right side of the screen which won’t go away. 




What the heck, is the screen dieing after like 10 monthes? 

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