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Q7FN latest firmware update 1260.8

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Hi, I've updated to the latest firmware yesterday, but was wondering if anybody knows the improvements this update is supposed to bring. As everything looks the same to me, apart from the TV icon! TIA.


This latest update for me means that every time I turn the TV off and the later on again, I’m not back in my Favorites! I have to choose Favorites every time after turning the TV in.

Previous 1258 did not have this problem.

This is a bad bug.

also: local diming seems more agressive again, was also bettet in 1285.

Sadly enough we can not ‘downgrade’.

How do we get in touch with Samsung to report this bug?

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Your not the only one with this issue. I'm going to try and contact Samsung to make them aware of the issue, it is rather annoying.
Anything happening here? It is annoying as hell. Every day having to choose my favorites, but also when I watched Netflix and go back to Live TV the favorites again are not set...
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I buy this tv (ue43nu7122) and i was wery dissapointed. The quality of the image was bad. No local diming, and on the bright space of the picture was too mutch light, the detailes was not visible only after i setted the contrast to minimum. I told to myself  that i wil never gonna  buy samsung tv's anymore. But after the third(i think) update,surprise, the image became just fine. But after the last update (1260.8) the problem was back! I need to go back to the previous version. I wil contact Samsung and i'm not gona be very nice.


1260.8 update appears to fix the bug where by Alexa could only turn off the tv but not on. Now it can do both. 

Sadly enough it introduces a new more nasty bug: a choosen set of Favorites is forgotten every time you switch the TV off and on again...
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I have the same problem with the new firmware. It forgets my choosen favorite channel list so I have to choose it again every time i start the tv. 

SAMSUNG, please fix this bug you introduced in this release!

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