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Q67R 49inch - Picture Stutters every few seconds




I recently bought a Samsung Q67R QLED 49 inch hoping the picture quality would be amazing, but what I have observed in my 3 weeks with the TV is:


- Bluetooth is inconsistent 

- Not able to use multi output audio so that I can use my Samsung Bluetooth Soundbar and TV speakers at the same time 

- Picture stutters a lot, it happens every few seconds and it's unbearable at times 

- I have a fast internet with 100Mb+ speed consistently but it's definitely not a speed issue but an issue with the TV


Samsung support spent nearly 2 hours via remote access but couldn't fix a single issue. Could someone please tell me if this is a known issue and what would be the potential fix?


Samsung - please release a software update as I'm sure I'm not the only one suffering 



ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Vetri 


This isn't what we like to hear. Did our Support Team check that the TV is running on the latest firmware which is 1318.0?


Hi Chris


firstly thanks so much for taking tune to reply. My TV is running on 1315 and when I check it says no new updates available


im still having issues with multi output audio and it's constantly greyed out 


I logged a new chat session for tv picture judder issue, the engineer made some changes and reset the TV, I need to see if the picture issue is gone but it's been a forgettable experience so far


all my mobile sound bar and smart devices are from Samsung so I would love to have this problem fixed. Thanks so much again 


it's a 49 inch TV, does it not support multi output audio because it's 49"?




i have been struggling to get the picture right on my telly, Support again spent a few hours but no luck. As an example, while watching football the ball leaves traces and I can see multiple images because of the stutter and it's unusable at times. I have wall mounted the TV already so I'm thinking whether I should return the TV and go for Nano. Anyone out there looking for a new QLED please avoid Q60, Q67 and Q70. My 4 year old Seiki LED TV plays the same videos absolutely fine with no stutters 

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