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Q60R QLED (49 inch) flicker while using HDMI

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I just bought the Q60R QLED 49inch Model to use it for 4k pc gaming. Unfortunately there is an extreme amount of white flickering (Check video here: . This only happens when I connect a PC (No flicker in built in Netflix). At first i thought it's my pc/Graphics card but this is not the case (I tested a 4k Monitor and it worked fine). I turned the extended input signal on/off, used different hdmi ports, tested different hdmi cable, turned game mode on/off. But the problem is still there. This is so annoying! Does anyone knows why this is happening and is there a way to fix this? Otherwise I will send the tv back :(

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Superuser II

Hello @Almdudler 

Try to see this path Settings> General> External Device Manager> Input Signal Plus
Check if the used port is enabled or disabled




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