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Q60R Near Invisible Cable?

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Hi all


I'm new to the forum and know nothing when it comes to TV's. I am currently repurposing some rooms in my house and so am taking the opportunity to get the TV set-up I want around the place.


I have just recently bought a 55" QLED Samsung TV which is great, this is for the main Lounge. My decision was largely based on the Near Invisible Cable as I needed to mount the TV on a exposed-brick wall which is a real feature of the house because of the type of bricks, and as such I wasn't able to hide chunky cabling (i.e. HDMI) in the wall like I have previoulsy on stud or plastered brick walls.


This has worked great. Tick.


I am also creating a Sports Room which will have three TV's on the wall. One 82" TV and two 43" TV's (ideally) so that I can watch multiple sports at the same time.


The challenge I have, is that I have another exposed-brick feature wall to mount these TV's on.


The Primary TV (82") is a 'relatively' easy choice, and it's easy enough to get one with the Near Invisible Cable solution. However, the two secondary TV's (43") is harder as there doesn't seem to be any in the line-up with the Near Invisible Cable solution. I could go larger if I need to, but I'm very reluctant as the wall is 24' and I want to leave a bit of space at each end.


I have seen that Samsung are launching the Q60R with a 43" model in the range, which would be perfect. Except...despite reading several reviews and checking out the Samsung site, I can't see any reference to whether or not it has the Near Invisible Cable option. It would be strange for it not to have it given that it's newly launched and it's QLED, but it's really important to be sure before I place an order.


Do any of the experts on here know whether or not the Q60R Range (particularly the 43") will have the Near Invisible Cable?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi. It doesn't come with the single connect box as standard but has the adapter and ability to connect in the box. I assume that the connect box is or will be available separately

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