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Purple patches on TV

"Same Here"......Purple patch right hand side................If samsung want to keep loyal customers/Repeat sales this problem needs
addressing........... Come on Samsung lets have some answers ...... :-((((

Your chances here of getting an answer from Samsung is nil!!!  For any admission of faulty design, one would need to get the agreement of the board of this company prior to stating this.  Thus, Samsung will admit nothing.

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Same here 2.5yrs after buying my ue40h5500 smart tv it has developed a purple patch the size of my hand in the top left corner. 

Not happy what so ever. I bought a 2nd tv 4 months later for another room... It's only a matter of time before that one also ends up with this same problem. 

I was really happy with the picture and sound quality that I was going to upgrade to the new Samsung 4k tv (to complement the new xbox x's)..... Now probably not. Looks like I'll invest in 2 new tvs from another Brand. Poor show Samsung! 

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Same problem here.   I bought my tv at Costco...really disappointed in Samsung. 


I bought it at Costco, too!! Not that it helps, as it failed after the two-year return period that Costco sets.

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Well this is odd...I have exactly the same issue, however I had slightly knocked my panel a couple of times whilst hoovering and just assumed that's what had done it but at the same time thinking wow what a fragile piece of junk TV that such a small tap did this!


Raging is an understatement!


Also had a Samsung 8kg Ecobubble washing machine which was the most expensive and loudest piece of ***** washing machine I ever wasted my money on and a Samsung Microwave which was so bad at cooking anything you had to add at least three minutes extra. Sold the washing machine and the microwave in the last week. Needless to say I'll never buy anything by this sham company ever again. Wish people would wake up and realise these manufacturers are robbers without the decency to wear a mask! 

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My Samsung has same failure as previous customers. It lasted till after warranty expiration.  For such an expensive item, I take advantage of an extended warranty and glad I did as this is the 2nd time a Samsung has failed. Replacement from extended warranty is an LG, which I hope has a better track record. A real shame for when you go to a big retail store, it seems Samsung has a superior picture compared to other tv's. Obviously Samsung should give existing customers an additional year warranty to compensate for this premature failure of components.




Same here - Costco 65" TV - Purple patches cropped up 2 months ago - out of warranty by 6 months - BOOOOO!!!


This IS greed if not addressed and fixed and sounds very suspect of programmed death after warranty which companies have done before and have been busted for. The thing is Samsung, if you do NOT respond to me and others here, we WILL NEVER buy another Samsung TV again. At least I'm not. I mean seriously... I have a freaken WALMART 40" SCEPTRE that I got for DIRT CHEAP which is 6 years old and it's still PERFECT!!!! WTF?!



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I lost my contents insurance I'd had for 5 years because I made a claim for accidental damage as I'd very gently knocked my TV with a hoover hose which I thought had caused these purple patches until I stumbled upon this forum and realised the gravity of what was going on. My insurers then deemed me as too high risk to insure anymore. Double screwed 😞 Worse still they wouldn't pay anywhere near what a replacement set would've cost so triple screwed actually 😢


Well... just got off the phone with Samsung (US as I'm in the USA and I realize this is a UK forum) but they are less than helpful. Refuse to do anything. And yes, this started after the latest patch happened it seems which is very very suspect. 


Oh well... I'll just join any class action lawsuit and turn this purple monster into a gaming monitor and relive my 80s messed up magnetized gaming TV display glory days XD

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